Savannah’s Eden Community Garden

The mission for Savannah’s Eden Community Garden is to improve community health and provide affordable alternatives for accessing healthier foods. Savannah’s Eden Garden is located in the California neighborhood at 1338 Hemlock St.

According to garden leaders Chad and DeNisha, the purpose of building this garden in our community is to find other resources for obtaining healthy foods for families. Many of the families in our communities are located in food deserts and have to travel far to obtain high-quality produce. By providing this garden, our community will have a reliable alternative for getting healthier foods and making sure those foods are accessible to everyone who needs them in the community.

Savannah’s Eden Community Garden provides its members with autonomy in providing healthier foods for their families. The members will also be able to build their communities by holding communal events, giving foods to community members who are not garden members, and also changing the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Watch the video below to learn from our Savannah’s Eden gardeners how to build your own raised bed!

Interested in joining the garden? Email Here.


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