Matt is passionate about the environment, and after years of working in factories, and unfulfilling desk jobs, decided to return to the University of Louisville to complete his degree in Sustainability, with a focus on sustainable societies.

Matt loves learning about trees and is looking forward to using his knowledge and passion to help combat the Urban Heat Island Effect that disproportionately affects our neighbors in west and south Louisville.  He is particularly excited to cultivate new relationships with members of the community towards a better, more sustainable environment.

Matt and his wife Sarah live in Mt. Washington with their two sons, Zan and Hudson, in a 500 sq ft tiny house that he built in 2015. With his family he enjoys hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, gardening, and playing with his pets – Finnick (dog), Jose (cat), and Cinnamon, Clove, Cucumber, & Carrots (chickens).