Healthy House

Healthy House is the headquarters for Louisville Grows located in the historic Portland neighborhood at 1641 Portland Avenue. In addition to being our office, Healthy House is an engaging community space that connects the neighborhoods we serve to various opportunities provided by our community partners.

Philanthropist Christina Lee Brown and the Owsley Brown II Family Foundation funded the Healthy House and gifted it to Louisville Grows in 2017. The traditional camelback shotgun design of the building was developed as a model home for green living that encourages a holistic healthy lifestyle. The building is energy efficient and  environmentally conscious featuring a green roof with beehives, car-charging station, rain gardens, raised garden beds and eco-friendly plumbing, heating, and cooling. Healthy House offers programming and conference space, a large kitchen suitable for cooking demonstrations and classes and an art gallery in the breezeway. 

Healthy House hours are 9am-4pm, Monday through Friday. The space is open to the community for tours and gatherings. To schedule a tour or visit, contact our Executive Director, Lisa, or 502.905.4342.

Healthy House Programs

Healthy House – All programming, workshops and classes hosted at Healthy House focus on healthy living, healthy eating, environmental education or environmental equity.

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Healthy House Space Use

Want to use the Healthy House for a community meeting, event, or workshop?
We’d love to have you!

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