You, too, can grow greener, healthier neighborhoods with Louisville Grows!

Whether it’s through tree planting events, canvassing door-to-door or planting vegetables, we invite you to become a part of the #mightyLGteam. As a small volunteer-based, grassroots organization, we do a tree-mendous amount of community work! Our volunteers help us get the work done, create more just and sustainable neighborhoods and make a huge impact on the environment in our communities. WE could not do this without YOU!

Current Volunteer Opportunities at Louisville Grows!

Interested in Getting Your Hands Dirty to Make Louisville Greener?

We offer service opportunities in urban forestry and urban agriculture. Whether you want to help restore the urban tree canopy or help communities around Louisville grow their own food, we could use your help. All experience levels are welcome! Volunteers under the age of 14 must have a parent or guardian present.

Volunteer Opportunities at Louisville Grows.

Citizen Forester Program (offered approx. 1 month before tree planting events)

Louisville Grows’ Citizen Forester program is a unique volunteer leadership opportunity that allows you to become an advocate for urban forestry in your community! Every Citizen Forester takes the introductory CF 101 Training Course. In this class, you will learn all about the state of Louisville’s urban tree canopy, how to plant a tree and how to lead volunteer groups on planting days. Citizen Foresters are our “rockstar” volunteers who work with the community to build capacity in urban forest management and stewardship. Our Urban Forestry efforts wouldn’t be possible without this dedicated group to coordinate volunteers on planting day, educate the public, advocate for trees, inspect trees during the summer, and provide a volunteer base for planting and outreach events.

Neighborhood Tree Plantings (Year-Round)

Our tree plantings take place in neighborhoods with the greatest declining number of urban trees. Our trained Citizen Foresters educate and lead volunteers in planting trees on residential property for our treecipients. These are large, neighborhood-wide events that need up to 250 people to make them happen. We could use your help! Grab some family and friends and volunteer to plant some trees at an upcoming event!

Tree Canvassing (Year-Round)

Canvassing is one of the most important steps in the tree planting process. We need volunteers to accompany staff members and engage with residents to find treecipients  to provide homes and care for thousands of trees each year! 

Greenhouse Volunteers (Year-Round)

Every year, Louisville Grows hosts a Seeds and Starts plant sale. Help from volunteers in our greenhouse allows us to put all proceeds of this fundraiser toward our Community Garden Grant program. Volunteers start plants from seed, pot starts, mix soil, and more! 

Property Maintenance (Year-round)

Periodically throughout the year, we need volunteer assistance to maintain our greenhouse and sustainable areas at Healthy House  Our small, yet mighty, team can always use a little extra support, so this is a great way to help us day-to-day.

Visual Storytellers (Year-round)

Interested in becoming a volunteer photographer and videographer for the new Visual Storytellers of Louisville Grows? Contact Ellie at today!


Year-round! While most of our volunteer opportunities are concentrated in the Spring and Fall, we almost always have something going on. Fill out one of our volunteer interest forms, and we’ll let you know what’s available!

Louisville Grows provides everything you need to work in the outdoors with us from your tools to gloves to hand sanitizer and snacks or light meals for longer days Please refer to our online signups for specific events, but it’s always safe to assume you should dress for the weather, wear closed-toe shoes and bring a water bottle.

Louisville Groups welcomes groups large and small! All of our events can accommodate groups, and we offer a variety of Team Building Experiences here.

“Well, I was at the Portland Festival and I saw the [LG] booth there and stopped and talked to someone. So, I heard about volunteering and getting a tree myself and I thought sure! I like trees.”

Ken Curlovic, Treecipient and volunteer, on how he became involved.

“It’s been eye-opening at a personal level. I always just try to get people to canvass, because once you walk those streets and talk to those people, you’re perception will never be the same. It’s gotten me wanting to be involved. …but also uplifting, because you’re giving people trees and they’re so happy. And you’re like this really is making an impact, just a little bit of a difference,. These people are so grateful.”

Ashley Bohn, Citizen Forester Training facilitator, on impact of planting trees in West and South Louisville neighborhoods.