Urban Forestry

Louisville Grows’ neighborhood-based reforestation program focuses on rebuilding the tree canopy in neighborhoods with the greatest declining number of urban trees. We work with neighborhood groups and community partners to plant trees with residents and stakeholders in these neighborhoods. Through door-to-door canvassing, we work to increase the interest of residents in addressing the concerns of a lack of an urban tree canopy while guiding them in proper tree selection, planting and on-going maintenance.

In addition to organizing tree plantings, tree give- aways and educating the public on the benefits of an urban tree forest, we provide Citizen Forester training to build community capacity in urban forest management and stewardship. We understand that for an urban forestry program to be effective we must engage and recruit students, residents, business owners, and all members of our community to take ownership of our urban forest. To date we have planted over 3,000 trees and provide routine inspections to ensure the tree’s success in the three years after planting. Beginning 2019, Louisville Grows adopted a goal of planting 1,000 trees each year.

5 Steps of Tree Plantings

Louisville Grows aims to provide resources and capacity to work with a community, not just in a community. Planning a tree-planting event with a community takes months of hard work, and consists of five steps: