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The Giving Grove’s mission is to provide healthy calories, strengthen community, and improve the urban environment through a nationwide network of sustainable little orchards.

Louisville Grows is the Fifth Affiliate to Join the National Giving Grove Network!  

We have already started working with two community orchards (Blackacre Community Garden Orchard and Orchards of Beechmont) by utilizing the Giving Grove Network!

We look forward to a fruitful partnership in planting trees, improving the environment, and creating a sustainable food system in our community in partnership with the Giving Grove Network!

For more information on The Giving Grove, check out the following resources:

The Giving Grove Facebook: communitytreegardens
The Giving Grove Instagram: @givinggrove
The Giving Grove Twitter: @givinggrove
The Giving Grove Linkedin: @the-giving-grove
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Watch this short film to hear from volunteers and affiliates of The Giving Grove, including our former Program Manager, Jacquelyn Eklund.

Visit to learn more about The Giving Grove.

Vision of The Giving Grove

  • Create hundreds of little orchards in food-insecure urban neighborhoods across cities nationwide.
  • Build a system of local food production that feeds people for decades.
  • Sustain a network of neighborhood stewards trained in holistic methods for growing fruit.
  • Empower urban neighborhoods transformed by their own work and generosity.

History of The Giving Grove

The Giving Grove is a national 501c3 organization that is passionate about the multiple benefits of urban community orchards to promote food access and sovereignty, address environmental inequities, and serve as a greenspace for community connection. By supporting neighborhoods that are excited about fruit trees and are located in areas vulnerable to environmental changes and health inequities, the program is designed to work side-by-side with resident leaders. Services include the provision of disease-resistant trees, maintenance tools, holistic orcharding supplies, site visits, and workshops. This allows resident leaders, who serve as orchard stewards, to learn to care for their own little orchards, which become community assets.

After five years of successful programming in Kansas City, Missouri, The Giving Grove began a national action-aligned affiliate network in 2017. With a goal of growing a strong, sustainable network of orchard programs across the United States who share their expertise and best practices, The Giving Grove has steadily brought innovative organizations like Louisville Grows into the fold. The Giving Grove provides technical and financial support for program starts and expansions. It also offers an ongoing opportunity for partner organizations to learn and grow together in a network committed to supporting neighborhood vitality and healthy urban environments.