Request a Tree

Looking to adopt 1-3 trees? Do you live in a neighborhood that will host a future Louisville Grows tree planting?
Will you pledge to love, water, and care for this tree for its lifespan?
Signup forms for “treecipients” are coming soon, so stay tuned for more updates!

Louisville Grows provides residents with the opportunity to adopt 1-3 trees in the neighborhoods where planting events are scheduled. Neighborhoods where tree plantings will occur are announced on our website and social media platforms.

If you are a resident in the tree planting neighborhood and are interested in becoming a treecipient, please fill out our tree adoption form. A resident is defined as either a homeowner or renter with homeowner’s permission. The tree is completely free, but you must commit to caring for your tree! You are also welcome to help volunteers plant your tree(s) if you’d like.

As a treecipient, you will be invited to participate in the future Louisville Grows’ tree planting events, door-to-door neighborhood canvassing and Citizen Forester training.

Keep checking back with us to see if your neighborhood is the home for one of the next tree plantings. If you have questions or want to organize a tree planting in your neighbors, contact

Water Your Trees

The most important thing to remember during the first three years after planting your tree is to WATER YOUR TREE! When your tree is initially planted, Louisville Grows provides mulch and watering bags. The water bags slow-releasing and can hold up to 20 gallons of water. Fresh mulch should be added every year to protect the tree hold in moisture, prevent weeds and protect the trunk from lawn mowers and weed trimmers

Want to get more involved with the tree plantings? Sign up to get trained as a Citizen Forester or volunteer to help during the tree plantings!