The Healthy House Art Gallery is an intimate venue designed to showcase local artists whose work relates directly to healthy living, healthy eating, environmental education or environmental equity. Louisville Grows will advertise a call for artists through our social media platforms, newsletter and partners for our quarterly showings. We also welcome artists to request the opportunity to partner with us on an art exhibit through our Artist Submission Form.
Louisville Grows will work with approved artists to develop a timeline for advertising and the opening of the exhibit.

All artwork will be shown on our website including the medium used and pricing if the piece is for sale. In conjunction with Republic Bank First Friday Hop, the public will be invited to opening night on the first Friday of the month. Opening night will feature a meet and greet with the artist(s) and light appetizers and beverages.

Artist Submission Form




Born 1981 Pittsboro, NC.

Noah Howard is a musician and visual artist whose drawings, collages and assemblages have been exhibited nationally. Since 2003, Noah’s creative practice has existed at the intersection of studio art, punk rock, and activism related to stewardship and animal welfare. Noah received his BFA from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC with focuses in painting and drawing. In 2011 he relocated to Kentucky, where he and his wife Kammaleathahh Livingstone undertook the project of retrofitting a school bus as an environmentally sustainable mobile health clinic. The Plus Bus took its maiden voyage in the spring of 2019, launching on-location health services provided by Louisville non-profit Tip It Forward.

In 2018 he co-founded the Allied Drawers Consortium which coordinates weekly life drawing sessions for artists of all skill levels. He currently works from a studio in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY.

Artist Statement:

The works in “For Now” are poems on the following subjects: sentience, stewardship, domain, biologic potential, “power” distinct from electricity, space, view, endeavor, integrity, respect of our natural cycles as animals in pursuit of our greatest evolved self, legacy, course correction, junction, intercourse, discernment, opinion, point of reference, vantage, infotainment, synthesizing the adult and the child, and evolution of the contemporary human Alpha.


Reprocessed cardboard



Mom For President

Ink, graphite, oil, acrylic, and other media on paper

2014 – 2019


Mr. Shankly

Magazine adds, masking tape, salvaged paper



Red Rover

Periodical publications on paper



Black Friday

Ink on paper




Original printed photograph, light & fixture, chalk board, chalk, Wolfschmidt Vodka box.




Fabric, paper, chalk, masking tape, oil, imitation gold leaf, polyurethane, Titebond II, on canvas




Periodical publications on paper



More or Less… The Future of Water

Altered July 1981 LIFE magazine



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Repeat, Renew

March 15, 2019- May 10, 2019

Louisville Grows: Healthy House 1641 Portland Avenue
Opening Reception: 5:30-8pm

Works about Injury, Health, Healing, and Comparison
by Emily Schuhmann
Curated by Jenn Toby

Artist Statement: “The way something is formed; the repeating and rolling, the endless visiting and revisiting of an idea or process is at the heart of my work. My sculptures and drawings derive from acts, repetition, and unlikely combination.

As I am [perhaps forever] recovering from a spinal injury. I have become a vessel, a melting pot, a crucible holding sometimes incompatible amalgamations of: medicine, biology, politics of health care, creative activity and healing practices for mind, body and spirit. This show spans the time frame of my injury, nearly 10 years ago to the present day. In my works I indicate and explore direct and symbolic imagery related to the human and animal body, botany, poetry, injury, biology, healing, health, and playful repetition. “

Artist Bio: Emily Schuhmann is a Visual Artist, Adjunct Professor, Event Organizer, International Coordinator for Kalakhetra International Artist Residency in Raghurajpur India, Dancer, Choreographer, DJ, and avid Gardener thriving in Louisville Kentucky. See more of her work at

Healthy House art gallery is open for public viewing every Friday from 1:00 – 3:00PM.
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