Green Heart Louisville

Louisville Grows is a partner in the Green Heart Louisville project. Over the next five years in selected South Louisville neighborhoods, we will be planting as many as 8,000 trees and shrubs to reduce air pollution, decrease certain health risks, and encourage participation in outdoor activities.

Green Heart Louisville is a five-year collaborative effort led by the  University of Louisville Environment Institute, The Nature Conservancy and Hyphae Design Laboratory. The Green Heart Project is the first controlled experiment to test if increasing green space in a neighborhood improves air quality and human health with the goal of developing a “greenprint” for creating healthier neighborhoods.

Residents of the neighborhoods will participate in the HEAL study. They will have their health assessed at the beginning of the project then monitored throughout the five next five years. The participants’ health will be checked for improvements and how the increase in greenery has affected their physical and mental health and their social ties.

Download the Green Heart handout.