The Roosevelt Garden

The mission for New Directions Housing Corporations’ gardens is to ensure that organic food is grown for and by the communities they serve. The gardens provide quality food and educational opportunities for our residents and neighbors.

The Roosevelt Garden is located at 226 N. 17th St. in the Portland neighborhood. The Roosevelt Garden benefits New Direction Housing Corporation’s (NDHC) residents, as well as the surrounding neighbors. The residents and neighbors who are actively involved in the garden benefit from fresh produce, education programming around creating healthy meals, and the opportunity to get out of their apartments or homes and interact with their neighbors. These outside meeting places help people learn from each other.

NDHC’s garden are strategically located at properties where infrastructure is already in place. The Roosevelt Garden has an onsite learning center that serves as a meeting space for garden planning, and an onsite Resident Service Coordinator and a Property Manager who facilitate the management of the garden. The garden also benefits from the Master Gardener who volunteers their expertise to the residents throughout the growing season.

Interested in joining the garden? Email