The Shelby Park Community Garden

Shelby Park Community Garden provides access to affordable, fresh, organic produce grown by our gardeners.

Shelby Park community members, involved or not, will benefit by having access to free organic produce from our perimeter beds, which we plan to install in Spring/Summer 2018. There is a need for access to healthier food and garden education. Shelby Park has one of the highest rates of heart disease and diabetes in the city.*

The garden provides a healthy habitat for our native pollinators, which helps preserve and strengthen native species. Pollinators are essential to local agriculture.

Google’s Carbon Mapping project recently demonstrated that community gardens can reduce atmospheric carbon in the immediate surrounding area. Cleaner air is good for everyone.

Finally, we are making improvements to beautify the garden with mulched paths. We are planning a mural on our finished watershed and garden sculptural art in 2019. Our transformed garden will be a source of civic pride in Shelby Park.


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